Do You Want to Stop Drinking Alcohol? Follow Some of These Ways!

Alcoholism is characterized by excessive alcohol consumption, regardless of its effect on the body and daily activities. There are many effective ways to overcome alcoholism. From simple methods to medical assistance. You can also visit Serenity Recovery Center to be free from alcohol consumption.

When you know that there will be alcoholic drinks while at an event or are hanging out with friends, it is important to have a survival strategy for the situation. If you are offered alcohol, you can immediately say “No thanks”. In addition to answering clearly and firmly, you also still need to maintain a friendly and respectful attitude. Avoid long explanations and convoluted reasons. You need to remember:

– Do not hesitate.
– Look directly at people who offer alcohol and look into their eyes for confirmation.
– Keep your answers short, clear, and simple.

If you are confused about what to say to a friend or other person who offers you to drink alcohol, there are a few sentences you can say to them if you no longer drink alcohol:

– “No, thank you!” (No need for explanation, your response can be short, smooth, and direct)
– “Enough is enough.” (Same as above, short, to the point and really acceptable)
– “Thank you, but I have a lot of work, here”
– “I just drink soda, thank you.”

Remember, this is your choice
Everyone who decides to stop drinking alcohol usually thinks, “I can’t drink alcohol anymore.” Thoughts like this can keep someone “clean” from alcohol and this is important as a challenge for yourself. Your life, yes, you are in control, including in matters of stopping and avoiding drinking alcohol, and changing your life to live a better and healthier life. Remember, this is your choice and this is your life, your decision must be respected.