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The early steps for installing curtains

Measuring the door properly is a must thing to do in installing door curtains. If you don’t measure it properly, it can cause the curtains that have been installed to look like they don’t match the door of the house. You have to determine the best distance to install it so that the curtains look right on the size of the door. Make sure that the door width matches the width of the door curtain fabric to be used. Measuring doors properly are more efficient in terms of expenditure costs and time efficiency. You don’t want to when you have bought door curtains but it doesn’t match the size of the door at home? Meanwhile, visit 10besthomedecor.com when you need to buy excellent blinds or curtains.

The way to install the next door curtain is to use a curtain fabric that exceeds the size of the door of the house. You can use door curtains that are up to the floor, but also don’t overdo it so you don’t get dirty easily. This needs to be considered about the door curtain, the length of the curtain must be adjusted to the size of the door. Houses with classic interior design, for example, need to wear door curtains that are long to touch the floor to further highlight the magnificent feel.

For a romantic look, leave the curtains 15 to 20 cm longer than the buffer to give an elegant look on the floor. The curtain panel must be wide enough so that when closed, it can be fully closed. The width of the panel itself should be 2 or 2.5 times compared to the width of the door.