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The film Hansel & Gretel starts the production process!

Gretel and Hansel movie which is produced by Orion Pictures is currently entering production. The film, starring Sophia Lilis along with Sammy Leakey who will be the two main characters, has begun the shooting process in Dublin, Ireland. The original story of the story of Gretel and Hansel is a pair of brothers kidnapped by a witch who likes to eat children. The most famous story from Gretel and Hansel is the 1812 version produced by Brother Grimm. In the meantime, check out the ShowBox app if you need an easier access to movie reviews and news.


Hansel and Gretel will once again get a new adaptation that will lead to horror. In addition to announcing where they took the picture taking process, the Orion Pictures production house also reported that the film was directed by Osgood Perkins and Rob Hayes was in charge of writing the script. They also gave a little synopsis about this film.

Lilis is Beverly’s actor in a successful horror film, IT. He will also re-appear in his second film, IT: Chapter Two, with Jessica Chastain who will play an adult version of him. And after he had to face an evil mother, Adora, in the Sharp Object movie, Lilis must now prepare to face an evil wizard who likes to eat children.

It is also interesting to see what Perkins will do with this film while building its name in the horror genre. In 2013, the film Hensel and Grethel: Witch Hunters had a little comedy tone, but unfortunately, it didn’t help the film too much.