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Procedures and Ethics for Speeches

Speech is an activity to speak in front of the public or give speeches in expressing their opinions or giving an illustration of something. Usually, the speech is delivered by a person who gives speeches and statements about important things or events and should also be discussed. Speech is usually used by a leader to lead and give motivational speeches in front of the general public or his men.

Speech is a speech that has a good arrangement to be conveyed to many people. Examples of important speeches such as state speeches, speeches to welcome holidays, speeches to raise spirits, and so forth.

A good speech is a speech that can give a positive impression to the people who are listening to the speech. The ability to speak or speak in public can help in achieving a good career path.

The speech method refers to the steps and the sequence from which to start the speech, develop, and end the speech. The ethics of giving a speech refers more to decency values that must be considered and respected when someone is giving a speech.

The order in the speech usually starts from the opening, the presentation of the contents of the speech, and the closing. Opening with greetings to parties who have been invited and present at the event or activity. The presentation of the contents of the speech is the result of the elaboration of the ideas of the points that will be delivered at the time of the speech. Content needs to be specified in accordance with the conditions provided. The closing of the speech was about refresher from the main ideas that had been conveyed, expectations, and thanks to the listeners for their participation.

The speech ethics is an important grip for the person who will speak. When giving a speech, you should not offend others and try to appreciate and build a sense of optimism for the audience. In addition, attention is also given to openness, honesty, empathy, and friendship that need to be sought in speeches.