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Freon problems with an AC unit in your car

As a car owner, you should know about maintenance schedules or other things related to the car. Including the freon filling schedule, you should pay attention. This will be very beneficial for you so you don’t run out of freon and feel uncomfortable because the air conditioner is not cold anymore. Apart from that, go to www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ whenever your AC in your house gets broken and must be repaired professionally.


When you turn on the ac, it only consumes energy without giving a favorable return for you, which is not cold. Energy waste is unavoidable if you don’t realize it from the start. For that, you need special attention and sensitivity to the private car that you have.

In addition, the excess oil contained in the compressor section can lead to reduced freon entering the air conditioner, causing the air conditioner to not cool. Why is that so? the excess oil will make the freon room become narrower and of course, the capacity becomes less.