Should You Choose a Mountain, Racing or Hybrid Bike?

Should You Choose a Mountain, Racing or Hybrid Bike?

Bicycles are an extremely popular method of travelling and relaxation nowadays. Many people buy a bike in order to exercise their body during the weekend or to travel from home to work and back. However, choosing the right bike is not always easy. You must ensure that it’s adequately sized for your body type, check it’s features, tire size and ensures that it comes with a warranty as well. However, there is one more thing to sort out: should you choose a mountain, racing or hybrid bike? ┬áHere is a quick look at the difference between them.

The mountain bike

This type of bike is the most sturdy one, and manages to withstand rough terrain without problems. If you are the type of person who constantly goes up and downhill and enjoys a thrill ride, then this type of bike might suit you extremely well. It’s very hard to fall from this bike due to its wider wheels and enhanced stability points. However, it’s still recommended to wear a helmet while riding it, especially in dangerous areas where you risk hitting objects such as trees. It’s also recommended to avoid going at high speeds unless you are an expert in the niche. Take notice that such bikes are rather heavy, weighing between 15 and 30kgs, and there is no reason to buy such one if you plan to use it for daily commuting.

The racing bike

This type of bike is faster and lighter than the mountain bike due to the special materials used in its frame (aluminium or even carbon). They usually benefit from either 8×3, 9×3 or 10×3 speed choices, and have quality brakes which help you stop milliseconds in order to prevent accidents. They normally weigh between 7 and 12 kgs (with pedals and accessories), and are the best choice for those who enjoy speed and neat roads. It’s not recommended to use this bike on rough terrain, yet you can use it for relaxation tracks, daily commuting and occasional races with your friends.

The hybrid bike

The hybrid bike combines best elements of mountain and racing bikes. The results are truly amazing, especially when it comes to reputable brands. Even though they are more expensive than the aforementioned bike types, they manage to do a great job in a variety of environments and road conditions. From muddy roads and up to heated asphalt, these bikes fear nothing. They are excellent for daily commuting and for those who truly enjoy biking on the regular. However, they are not recommended for those who rarely go on two wheels, due to their more expensive acquisition price and the regular maintenance they require.

These are the main differences between the main types of bikes out there. Now that you know it, the only thing that you have to do is find a brand and a model that you like and go hit the streets or off-roads.