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This Is The Importance Of Using “Healthy” Paint For Your Home

Wall paint is indeed a part that cannot be separated from a house. Paint is very functional to make the home look better and more alive. Unfortunately, a lot of wall paint is apparently not good if it is used because it contains lead. Touching paint with these ingredients will endanger your health. So, the services of Lead paint removal Brisbane will be very appropriate for you who want to remove the paint from your home wall.

Many people are not aware of this because they never pay attention to the ingredients in the paint they use. Even if you choose paint that is “healthy” you should always do it. You as a homeowner must know more about tying up the content in your house’s paint for the health of everyone in it.

The main issue that must be considered in selecting interior wall paint products is the presence of mercury and lead substances contained in the basic components of paint makers. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that exposure to mercury in the human body contributes greatly to the increase of respiratory disorders, damage to blood vessels, decreased intelligence of the child’s brain, cancer, Alzheimer’s, nervous disorders, and heart disease.

To find out whether good or bad chemical content in a paint product can be known by measuring the levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or the content of its organic compounds. This compound is in the form of gases emitted from liquid or solid materials. The use of VOCs that exceed the threshold will change wall paint into a health-damaging substance.

The pungent smell when the newly painted wall is an indication of the high VOC levels in the paint product. The smell is usually not easily lost even though the paint layer itself has dried. For indoor conditions, VOC concentrations can even increase two to five times more than outdoors.

To avoid these bad things happening to you and your family, be sure to use wall paint products that do not contain mercury.