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How to treat dry scalp

Because you can’t see it, it might be difficult to identify the type of skin on your head. Before you take a magnifying mirror, know that a dry scalp usually feels tight and is associated with skin that looks peeling and itching. We have mentioned skin that appears to peel as a sign of dry scalp, but are they directly related? The first, a skin condition is known as dandruff, is generally the same as dry scalp and can make you uncomfortable and block your confidence. Dry scalp occurs due to losing too much moisture and the skin becomes taut, probably due to factors such as cold weather, dehydration and the result of hair products. In the meantime, perhaps you want to check out the best shampoo for dry itchy scalp as well.


1. Stay hydrated

The first step to get your head skin back in a basic way. Drinking eight glasses of water every day seems simple enough, but we all feel guilty for not hydrating ourselves on a busy day. Begin to set up cellphone reminders throughout the day to get a dose of water every hour and remember to stay hydrated in a very hot or cold climate that can be too hard for your head skin.

2. Avoid overdoing hair

Hairstyling is not only limited to curlers, straighteners and hair dryers. Even the use of excessive hair dryers can damage and dry your head skin. Use the heater casually (or keep it only for special dates) and do natural things as often as possible to make your head skin breathe and stay hydrated. Next time you want a different appearance, be more creative with a hairpin or immediately choose a new hairdo!

3. Get the right shampoo

Using the wrong shampoo can aggravate dry scalp by peeling off the remaining oil and accelerating the appearance of discomfort and dandruff. Confused by the choices on the shower rack? You can see shampoos specially formulated to reduce the effects of dandruff and dry skin.